Daily Scrum vs. Daily Planning – An open letter :)

Daily Scrum vs. Daily Planning – An open letter :)

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An open letter to the authors of Scrum, asking, no, imploring for a change to be considered during the next revision of the Scrum Guide.  Inspect and adapt my friends!  Many thanks for the consideration…

Dear Jeff and Ken,

Long time listener, first time caller.  I am reaching out to ask for you to consider a change for the next revision of the Scrum Guide; can you please replace “Daily Scrum” with “Daily Planning”?

Throughout the last year or so, I have been partnering with Mike Stuedemann to deliver CSM courses.  This has been an extremely valuable opportunity, certainly learning a lot about the nuance of framework (Thanks Mike!).  As part of observing and co-training, I recently listened to him dissect the logic behind this proposed change.  Initially, I was somewhat dismissive of the suggestion, there is no reason to change the word “Scrum”, we are literally talking about “Scrum”!  Over the course of the next several days, the importance of this change was solidified through multiple encounters with the team; each instance hurting me a bit more than the prior…

-“Andrew, I have to skip daily stand-up, here are my status updates.” 

-“Our daily stand-ups take too long, that was almost ten minutes, we should go faster.”

-“I don’t see why I need to hear everyone’s’ updates, I am not working on that stuff.”

As a passionate and enthusiastic Scrum Master, I spent time working with the team to help everyone see the value in the Daily Scrum and reinforce the purpose and value to this daily planning event.  The conversations were very beneficial for everyone involved.  However, I am sure that conversations on this topic have had to happened thousands of times across thousands of teams. 

I, and others (large sample size of 2), feel like this minor word choice change may help reduce the need for these conversations by increasing the transparency to the purpose.  Daily Planning, as a title, speaks bluntly to the value of the event, the purpose would be in the title, planning for the day!  No confusion!  Reduce agile anti-patterns!  The term Daily Scrum is fun, and I get all of the great links to teaming and moving together, that is great, I get it, however I think there would be more value in the transparency and clarity over the metaphorical aspect.

I appreciate the consideration gentlemen, good day.

Your friend in Scrum,

Andrew Sherwood       

About the Author:

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Andrew Sherwood, PMP, CSM, CSP, PMI-ACP, CSSBB, currently serves as the Director-MBA with Midland University as well as working with software development teams at Mutual of Omaha as a Sr. Scrum Master.

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